June 1927 outbound passenger list of the Athenia


In my recent bout of re-interest in your subjects it occurred to me that I may be of help in the case of Dolores,who was,in January 2006,i nterested in the June 1927 outbound passenger list of the Athenia. I have been doing a bit of research in this area of merchant shipping at the National Archives Kew so can offer a bit of info which may eventually help. I say eventually because that org. is currently digitalising outward passenger lists and no online access can currently be made on items on the series which covers outbound passengers, BT27. If you could access the file,it would be number BT27/1149 for Jul-Sep 1927, and BT27/1150 for Apr-Jun 1927.(Yes,I know that logically these numbers should be the other way round but that is not what the NAs records show !). I put these two records in case the outbound Athenia for that period fell in the early part of July. It's inbound voyage (from Montreal via Belfast) arrived in Glasgow on  27th June,f ile no BT26/809/5, so there would have had to be a swift turnaround in discharge and re-loading of cargo in addition to the passengers. The vessel did a round trip to Montreal on a 28 day service at that time.

The NA recommend that we check with them if these files are available for a personal visit as they may not yet be so due to the digitalisation.  If Dolores wants to make an enquiry and finds that the file is available I am going there on July 4th and could fit it into my schedule to take a peek on her behalf,that is if she cannot make the trip herself. Otherwise,during 2007 the completed digitalisation will be open to interrogation by search of names put into the system,though that won't help with the further member of her family for which she doesn't recall the surname !

If she wishes to make contact with me you may put her in touch.

Best wishes

I regret I did not retain Dolores Robertson's E-Mail address.
I get so much mail, unless it looks like becoming an ongoing correspondence, I often do not record a specific address in my records.
Probably remiss of me, every now and then I am caught out, such as in this case.
Again my thanks for your interest and offer to help out, very kind of you.
Best regards,


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