Joseph Power (fireman) died in one of the three life rafts after sinking of in April 1941 of the SS Beaverdale

September 06, 2010


I came across a letter on your web page concerning the post war career of the Captain of U48 (Herbert Schultze)
specifically requesting information concerning the circumstances of his death in the UK.

It would appear that the Captain actually died in the district of Hereford, clearly some distance from London.

As below :-

       Month Of Registration
       Registration District

       Herbert Schultze

As this is the only Herbert Schultz to have died in this year + or - 2 years, I believe it may be safe to say that this is one and the same.

My interest in this matter being that in April 1941 the SS Beaverdale was sunk by U48 in the North Atlantic. My
Uncle, a Joseph Power (fireman) died in one of the three life rafts. Unfortunately his was the one that was not
rescued. One managed to land in Iceland and the other being rescued.

In a twist of fate I am told, Jospeh Power being only young had previously jumped ship at Avonmouth with some
friends. His mates made it back to the ship before being arrested. Joseph Power was not so quick and was sent to
the SS Beaverdale. His friends survived the war. Joseph Power was from the port of Liverpool and the only one of a number of brothers to be killed. My late father spoke of him with great affection.

Should I continue with my search and locate documents and photographs, then if you wish I will forward these
on to you if they are of interest.

Stephen Power
Liverpool, UK

Video: 1940 Heimkehr von Herbert Schultze und U-48


Thank you, yes if you unearth any further details, I would be interested to see them.

Here is your Uncle's Certificate from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Site:

         In Memory of
            Fireman JOSEPH POWER

            S.S. Beaverdale (London), Merchant Navy who died age 22 on 01 April 1941
            Son of William and Ann Mary Power.
            Remembered with honour

            Commemorated in perpetuity by
            the Commonwealth War Graves Commission  

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