Joseph Henry Warburton served in the Campbell and the Bicester between 1939 and 1945

Dear  Sir,

I am trying to find out anything I can about my fathers' time in the service during the Second World War. At present all I have to go on is that he served on the Campbell and the Bicester between 1939 and 1945. Would you or any of the other visitors to your website have any other information that they could pass on to me.

My father passed away in 1990 and I have no other family members to whom I can turn for information. I have also posted a search on Forces Reunited.

My fathers name was Joseph Henry Warburton, I'm afraid I do not even know his rank in the service but from a photo in my possesion I can determine that he was not an officer.

Thanks in advance. 
Gary Warburton.


If you send me a copy of your Father's photo, I can probably get some info from that for you, eg, a Naval Rating, does it show any badges on the arms?

For Royal Navy personnel records see below:

The records of British RN personnel are held at 3 different locations, depending primarily on the time when a person entered or served in the Navy or an auxiliary service.

1. MoD. Ministry of Defence,
Bourne Avenue,
Middlesex UB3 1RF,

2. Centurion. Naval Pay & Pensions (Accounts),
Centurion Building,
Grange Road,
Hampshire PO13 9XA

In both of the above archives, only written enquiries from next-of-kin are accepted, and a search fee is charged. There is an ongoing process of moving selected records from these locations to:

3. PRO. The Public Record Office,
Surrey TW9 4DU

I believe you should start with the Ministry of Defence to ask about your father's records.

For his Medal awards go to:

For information on medals awarded to RN personnel in recent years (1939 to the present time) write to

    RN Medal Office,
    Room 3105,
    Centurion Building,
    Grange Road,
    Hampshire PO13 9XA

Some detail for HMS Campbell from IN MEMORY OF JAMES (JIM) "DUTCHY" HOLLAND.

photo taken about 1942 from Destroyer HMS Vivacious


Flotilla Leader of 21st Destroyer flotilla based at Harwich

Scott CLass Destroyer

Launched 21st Sept 1918. Scrapped at Rosyth 18th Feb 1947


ATLANTIC 1940-1943
NORTH SEA 1941-1945
* ARCTIC 1942

* HMS Campbell was an escort destroyer on Russian convoy PQ.18

Russian convoy routes 1941 - 1945

Map of Channel dash Feb.1942

Some detail for HMS Bicester. from Uboat.net

HMS Bicester (L 34)

Escort destroyer of the Hunt (Type II) class
Navy:  The Royal Navy
Type:  Escort destroyer
Class:  Hunt (Type II)
Pennant:  L 34
Built by:  Hawthorn Leslie & Co. (Hebburn-on-Tyne, U.K.)
Laid down:  29 May, 1940
Launched:  5 Sep, 1941
Commissioned:  9 May, 1942
End service:  
Loss position:  ,
History:  Scrapped at Grays on 22 August 1956.

Noteable events involving Bicester include:

23 Feb, 1943
The German submarine U-443 was sunk in the Mediterranean near Algiers, in position 36º55'N, 02º25'E, by depth charges from the British escort destroyers HMS Bicester (Lt.Cdr. S.W.F. Bennetts, RN) and HMS Lamerton (Lt.Cdr. C.R. Purse, DSC, RN), HMS Wheatland (Lt.Cdr. R.deL. Brooke, DSC, RN).

I hope this helps your quest


Mackenzie Gregory.

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