John Philip Gunney of hospital ship HMS Plassy, 1915

Dear Mac,

I am doing some genealogy on the part of the Gunney family that came from Jersey. During the First World War one of their number, John Philip Gunney, left the Island on the 15th December 1915 to join the hospital ship Plassy which, I think, was at Scapa Flow at the time. On your web page about the ship, ("HMHS Plassy, a hospital ship based in the Orkneys in WW1"), it mentions that a diary kept by a medic called Percy Barton is in existence and I wondered if I could access information from that source.

Thirty-two year old bachelor John Philip Gunney was not a medic and I think he joined Plassy as a ship's carpenter. As the only way of knowing what he did during the hostilities is to find out where the ship was located during this time, I wondered if the diary sheds some light on its operations and locations. The only information I have found so far is that Plassy was present at the Battle of Jutland and took on the wounded from the battlecruisers Lion and Princess Royal.

Any help you can give me would be gratefully appreciated

Yours sincerely,Peter,
Peter R Gunney
Pencelli, Brecon.

The reference to the diary was from this URL:
scroll down to an entry by FATBOY who indicates he has the diary.

You probably need to go to that Forum and see by a posting if you are able to contact him.

Sorry, but that is all I can suggest.

Good luck in your hunt, if you have some success, I would appreciate hearing from you.


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