John Morrison from Detroit, Mich, Athenia passenger?

Do you have or now where there is a current list of survivors from the SS Athenia. A friend of mine was on that ship.

Chris Lambros


Survivors from the loss of Athenia were picked up by the City of Flint and taken to Halifax, by the Norwegian tanker Knute Nelson who went to Galway in Ireland, and by British Destroyers Fame, Escort, and Electra, to be landed on the Clyde in Scotland.

I have the lists of survivors who went off to Halifax and to Galway, but not for those landed in Scotland. ( I have never found that list )

If you give me the name of your friend I will see if he features in the lists I do have.



His name is John Morrison and was from Detroit, Mich. He wanted to know if there is a list of  living survivors.


If John goes to this URL:
http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/IndextoarticlesaboutPasse.html on AHOY, he will find correspondence that lists those Athenia survivors still alive with whom we have had correspondence.

I am not aware of any one list that names all survivors still around today.


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