John Burns, Arctic Convoy Veteran, Edinburgh, last journey down Royal Mile

Dear Sirs,
What a fantastic website you have built.

Thought you may find this interesting for your files.

I sent you a video which had been taken by The Edinburgh Evening News. My fathers funeral took place on 2nd April 2008. The procession left Edinburgh Castle as my father worked there for many years and the procession drove down the famous Royal Mile where my father worked and lived most of his life.

He was escorted by 12 Arctic Veterans whom you can see in the photographs and The NAval Regional Commander for Scotland and Northern Ireland attended the funeral. Commodore Stevenson.

My father spent many years visiting Melbourne as my sister and brother in law had a Scottish Butcher shop in Sunshine of The Western Road. My father, mum Sister and husband and myself all stayed in Baccus Marsh over a 10 year period.

My family have now moved to Mackay. My father was not a resident but did spend many years coming and going from Scotland To Australia.

My sister and husband who were resident in Baccus Marsh were Donna and Harry Black and they owned the only Scottish butcher shop. I emigrated to join them in 1992 but stayed only 18 months. I however was a guest on the STEVE VISARD SHOW selling scottish Haggis!!

Anyway I thought you may find my father's article and video of interest for your information pages.

The main article in on  www.edinburghnews.com if you look under the VIDEO ARCHIVES and look for John Burns last journey down royal mile  you can watch the video.

I will also attach a few pictures for your information.

All this may not be of any interest to you however yet again it might.

My father served on HMS MARNE destroyer during the Arctic Convoys and also his ship was torpedeod off Gibralter in 1942 and my father lost 13 of his best mates. The ship was towed into Gibralter for repairs for 6 months.

A great friend of mine is Mr Jock Dempster who looks after the Scottish Arctic Convoy Club and keeps the old boys together. Jock was on a merchant ship in the convoys. Jock and his lads (only a few old boys still alive) all attend the service at Loch Ewe where there commemorative stone lies where most of the convoys left from Scotland. Jock's contact details if ever you wish to get in touch as he is very active in the convoy connections is. email address 

Hope you find all this of interest to you...

Pamela Hunter

Marne, Damaged


Thank you for your kind words about AHOY, I do the research and writing, but the credit for running and maintaining the site must go to my Web master and friend, Terry Kearns in Atlanta, Georgia, without him AHOY would not exist.

Your mail is most interesting and I know that Terry will add it to our site.

We are grateful for your time and trouble in writing to us, it is the contact we have with many people around the world that makes it all so exciting and instructive.

Best regards,

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