John Armstrong, a stoker 1st Class, died on the HMS Mourne

My brother died on the HMS Mourne although he died before I was born, my sister remembers him well. If there is anyone who could help me gather information, I would be really grateful. My brothers name was John Armstrong and he was a stoker 1st Class.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my letter.

Brenda Elliott


Some details about HMS Mourne, I will send separately a list of those who died in her, it includes your brother John.

British Navy, frigate; 1943; A.&J.Inglis; 1,300 tons; 300 x 35 X - r-5,500 h.p.; 20 knots; turbine engines; three 3 in. guns, two 40 mm., four 20 mm.
The frigate Mourne, Lt. Cdr. R.S. Holland, R.D., R.N.R., took part in the landing of the British and American armies in France on "D" Day, June 6th, 1944. Mourne was torpedoed by a German submarine off the Lizard on the 15th, going down with the loss of eight officers, including Lt. Cdr. Holland, and 102 ratings.

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From the U-Boat net: HMS Mourne (K 261)

Dear Mac,

Sir you are a diamond! Information about our brother, how he died, where he died even if there was a body, has been imposible.When the internet arrived in my home just a few days ago I promised my sister I would find anything I could. Until only a couple of years ago we were unaware of the Plymouth Naval Memorial, which my sister has now visited. The only information my parents had was their son had been lost on HMS Mourne. I can only offer my thanks and that of my sister who will be receiving all information you sent. My sister does not have a computer and to be honest it is all so new to me. Your prompt reply and the fact you cared enough to send the information has made me feel very humble.

Thank you so much,


Here is the entry in the
Commonwealth War Graves Commission records for your brother John Armstrong: and where to find his entry at the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Promise I will shut up.
Best regards.

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