Jens Ringbom, working on the Hansa the night she was torpedoed

January 29, 2011


My name is Jakob Ringbom and live i(n) Sweden where I am cirrently working on an article about the SS HANSA. (Swedish liner)

I came across a website The Site wich Im refering to is called Uboat S-13.... where the name John G Sauvageau came up. This Sauvageau has got some interesting point of views wich I need to verify since
I cant seem to  find the sources of his claims. i have been looking for a way to contact him but no luck.

Suddenly I came across a site about the Canberra... Thats when I saw your name. Do you by any chance have some  contact/email information on Sauvageau? I would be moore than delighted if you could help me.

Thanks, Jakob Ringbom (grandson of Jens Ringbom, working on the Hansa the night she was torpedoed.


The last E-Mail address I have for John is years old and may not still be viable.

Sorry I am not of much assistence to you.

Best regards from Australia.

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