James Swan, 21 years old in September 1939, survived sinkings of Athenia and Gracia

Hi, i have just been reading an article in the sunday post(scottish newspaper) about the ill fated ATHENIA and the visit from a young J.F.K to Glasgow, and it it triggered a few memories as i knew that my grandfather was a seaman on this ship and had indeed survived.

His name was james swan and he was 21 years old in september 1939, and after the Athenia, he sailed in the Gracia which also went down, but survived that one as well, earning him the nickname Jonah Swan a name that stuck with him till the end of his life in may 1987.

I have a newspaper clipping  which was sent from the mitchell library after his death detailing his career with the donaldson line, whom he continued to work for many years after the war.

 yours james keegans.

If you care to send me a copy of your Grandfather's career with the Donaldson Line, and the article from the Sunday Post, we will add them to our Athenia pages on AHOY.

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