Jack. (John Whitehead) was a Merchant Service engineer during WW2 and was torpedoed on Nebraska

I just stumbled on your site. Wonderful!
I am researching to put together the WW2 history of my dear uncle Jack. (John Whitehead) who was a Merchant Service engineer during WW2 and was torpedoed on Nebraska.
I have quite a bit of info about the incident and have spoken to the Uboat commander Oskar Herwartz and the cabin boy now living in Toronto.

I have also had emails from the crew of the Catalina which forced the Uboat to return to base damaged and the Mosquito of Banff squadron which sank it.
But would welcome any more info 
Don Whitehead

Thank you for your messages, I have been away from my computer travelling on the Island of Tasmania, just south of where we live in Melbourne.
So I have some work to catch up on, will see if I can tease out some detail of the sinking of Nebraska.
I will use your U-Boat information and put something together for Ahoy, and thank you for your kind words about our site, a joint effort with my web master and friend Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, he whips my research and writings into what anyone who logs on to Ahoy will find.
We are always pleased to have some feed back.
Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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