Is there a shred of evidence that would buttress the rumors of (submarine) Surcouf's disloyal and treacherous actions

Hi Mac;

I enjoy your web-site very much.

I've always wondered why the disappearance of the Surcouf always seems to be linked to some sinister behavior on her part and yet I've never seen any evidence to support these pretty wild stories. I've come to believe that stories regarding the re-fueling of Nazi U-Boats, etc are part, of what we call in the States, an urban legend, i.e., a fanciful tale that's repeated so often that it takes on the appearance of truth.

I'd love to know of the existence of a shred of evidence that would buttress the rumors of Surcouf's disloyal and treacherous actions.

Mike Morris

Michael W. Morris Sr., Esq.
Andover, MA


Thank you for your remarks about AHOY, my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, takes my research and writings to produce our site, I am indeed grateful for his dedication and expertise, without him I would be lost.

Regarding the stories that emanated about Surcouf after her loss, perhaps it was the general suspicion about the French Navy after the country capitulated in 1940 that fueled wild rumours about her. I had personal experience of a hostile French Navy at General de Gaulle's Dakar debacle in September 1940.

I was an 18 year old Midshipman in the heavy cruiser HMAS Australia, firstly the French airforce there shot down our Walrus aircraft, then we were twice hit by shells from French cruisers. Their Navy at Dakar most certainly was not on the Allies side, and the way the Royal Navy attacked the French ships in the Mediterranean did not help the situation. Much later in WW2, off the coast of Western Australia we worked with the French ship Suffern, named the" Reluctant Dragon" by our sailors, she often had some excuse when called to go to sea, boiler problems often featured as the reason for staying secured to the wharf in Fremantle.

In general there was little love lost between our Navies, and in that atmosphere wild stories do, and did come forth.

We will never know how the biggest submarine at that time in the world came to sunk until her wreck is found, and that just may never happen.

Best regards and thank you for your interest.


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