Information about Auxiliary Hospital Ship "Anglia for book regarding 59 names on a local World War 1 Memorial in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK

Hello Mac

I have just discovered your site, and am writing to ask permission to use photographs and material from your site regarding the Auxiliary Hospital Ship "Anglia" in a book I am involved in researching regarding 59 names on a local World War 1 Memorial in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK.

Eight of us have been doing this research for the past four years, and we are now in the process of writing up each of the 59 names with  individual biographies to honour these men, nine of whom attended a local school wherein whose playground the unique Carreras Marble Angel Memorial stands. The remaining 50 men are known, or presumed, to have lived in the Parish of Crosby. The Angel Memorial was dedicated and unveiled in 1923.

One of whom we have to say "presumed" is William Henry Dymond, who, according to the Soldiers Died in the Great War CD and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, was a Gunner in the 81st Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. We believe that he was sadly one of the wounded  on the "Anglia" who perished.

Although many relatives of the men  we are researching, have responded magnificently to our local newspaper Nostalgia page appeals,  we have so far been unable to locate anyone who is related to William Henry Dymond.

I will attach a picture of our local Memorial, to which we have become very attached. The Head Teacher of the school is very enthusiastic about preserving the annual November Armistice Day Commemoration around the Memorial, involving the school children, which has continued almost without a break since the Memorial was unveiled.

We are small group of local people who are interested in our Local History and Heritage, and we have succeeded in getting Grade II  Listing granted so that the Angel Memorial can continue to be preserved and maintained for future generations.

We are not intending to sell the book for commercial gain; any or all proceeds, after financing its publication,  would be donated to the School for the specific purpose of financing the continued maintenance of the Angel Memorial, for the benefit of the local community.

I am very impressed with your site and share your pride in those who go down to the sea in ships.

Hoping to have the pleasure of hearing from you. If permission is granted, you would, of course, receive an acknowledgement in our publication.

Yours sincerely
(Miss) Patricia A Smith
Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire UK

Hello Pat,
Please feel free to use anything on AHOY about Anglia or what ever else you find there that may be of use or interest for your book,
I am always pleased to help if possible in recording history from our past, and especially if it includes educating children in our Naval Heritage.
Would love to see a copy of your final work when it comes to fruition, and would be happy to buy a copy in due course.
Best regards,

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