Ill Fated USS Block Island Carrier and history class


Hello Mac,

I just wanted to say that, as a teacher, I have been using your page with information on submarines Silven R. Hunt was aboard the  Ill Fated Block Island Carrier .. and the Guadalcanal for my history classes.  It's been helpful...thanks for making it!

I did want to point out a dead link on that page though:  "http://www.msichicago.org/exhibit/U505/U505home.html" -  Here's another good page I have been recommending to my students that you might want to include, or use as a replacement for that dead link:


There's lots of resources on there for history of submarines, parts of submarines, and how submarines were used in wars.  My kids seemed to like it.  It's a fun addition to our history lessons.  Perhaps you and your visitors will find it useful as well.  Hope I could help!

Have a great November,
Ms. Sarah Hanson


Thank you for your kind words.

The broken link worked for me. See this URL: "Index to the Submarine Articles" for further details on Submarines on AHOY.

Best regards,

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