How to reach author of  SUBS DOWN UNDER - SS42

August 17, 2013


Would you happen to have an E-mail address for David Jones or Peter Nunan who are the authors of SUBS DOWN UNDER? (U.S. Subs Down Under: Brisbane 1942-1945" by David Jones, Peter Nunan)

I had an Uncle who was aboard the SS42 when it was Depth Charged for 6 hours (pages 14-15 in SUBS DOWN UNDER)

My Uncle, Paul O'Bryan Hayden TM1, told my Mother about the Depth Charges while he was in the US on leave I think some time in 1944 or 45.  Paul went aboard the USS KETE SS369 and was lost at sea in March 1945.

I would like to ask David or Peter where they got their account of the Depth Charge.

Charles Newton
Lebanon Junction, KY


I suggest you try thru Emailing the Publishers at publish@boolpress.com.au

Good luck.


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