Hospital ship Centaur discovered off Queensland coast

December 20, 2009 12:43 PM


You've probably seen this by now;  "Hospital ship Centaur discovered off Queensland coast", found at News.Com, Australia.  Here's the link;

What a find.

Merry Christmas to you and all of yours.

Rod Badger
Edmonds, WA


Thank you for that, I was aware of her being found. I have only this morning come out of Hospital from a shoulder

It so happens I am publishing a book about The War in The Pacific. 1941-1945. And So To Tokyo.

It was about to go to the printer, and in it is a Chapter about HS Centaur, I was able to add a PS about her being
found, so the book will be up to date.

Best wishes for Christmas.


December 21, 2009


I hope your surgery went well and was sucessful. Maybe it’s time to stop throwing the ball for your dog and grandkids?

Where do I send my check (AUD equivalent of course) for an author’s autographed first edition copy of your new
publication? I will place it next to my copy of Count Luckner, the Sea Devil by Lowell Thomas, published in 1927, a great seafaring novel.

I first learned of Count Felix Von Lucker while watching a U.S. TV show called This Is Your Life by Ralph Edwards
in 1959. After the show, I asked my father who he was and father gets out of his Queen-Anne chair, pulls a book out of the book shelf while saying, “This is who he is.“ While recently reading the opening chapter of Thomas’s book to my wife, I marveled at the beauty of the language, especially of the deplaning of Von Lukner’s wife in the opening chapter, “After him came the little blond, who looked for all the world like fairy who had arrived on a sunbeam.” Ah, well, Thomas, what a vision….., fifty years after first reading it, I’ll just have to read the book all over again, just for
the joy of it.

As always with my best wishes, 

Rod Badger
Edmonds, WA


I am self publishing my book which went to the printer today, and only did 20 copies mainly for the family, with such a small run its quite a costly exercise.

I have the ability to reorder small numbers of copies.

If you are interested in a copy the cost is A$29.95 plus Postage Australia A$5, of course signed. It runs to 265 pages with quite a number of photographs in B and W.

The Contents are :


Pearl Harbor.

Japanese Midget Submarines Attack Sydney Harbour.

Battle of the Coral Sea.

Battle of Midway.

Battle of Savo Island.

Battle of the Eastern Solomons.

Battle of Cape Esperance.

Battle of Santa Cruz.

The First Battle of Guadalcanal.

The Second Battle of Guadalcanal.

The Battle of Tassafaronga.

Operation Hailstone.

Submarine Activity off the Australian Coast.

Kamikaze attack HMAS Shropshire.

Mount Hood blows up.

Loss of Hospital Ship Centaur.

Australian POW'S lost in Montevideo Maru.

Iron Knight.

Top Ten US Submarine Captains.

And So To Tokyo.

Operation Downfall.


I will let you know Rod when I have books available.

Thanks for your interest, but to equate it with the story of Count von Luckner is to draw a long bow.

Best regards,

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