Hospital Ship St. Patrick, WW1?

April 19, 2010

Hi Terry, my father was wounded in France in WW1, and sent back to Uk on ship " St Patrick " I have searched the web for any detail of it and can find nothing, I wonder if anyone could throw any light at all on it at all, especially where to find a photo.

thank you
William Cole


Have a look at your local library for a book called: Hospital Ships and Ambulance Trains, there is a reference to all the other UK saints, St Patrick, St Andrew and St David, all of which converted to hospital ships from cross-Channel ferries for the duration !


October 3, 2011

Launched 1906: ss ST PATRICK

Launched 1906: SS ST  PATRICK

Built by John Brown Clydebank,
Yard No 371
Engines by Shipbuilder

Propulsion: Steam turbine. 3 direct-drive turbines 9500shp 3scr 20kn ....... .. 1926 given new reduction turbines by John Brown
Launched: Saturday, 24/02/1906
Built: 1906
Ship Type: Passenger Vessel
Ship's Role: Fishguard-Rosslare ferry
Tonnage: 2531
Length: 350ft
Breadth: 41ft
Owner History:
Fishguard & Rosslare Railways & Harbours Co
Status: Destroyed by Fire - 07/04/1929

1914/1919 requisitioned as hospital ship
1929 caught fire at Fishguard and subsequently scrapped by
T W Ward Ltd
Her 1926 engine was installed in ST ANDREW of 1908

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