Hospial Ship St David c1917

September 25, 2012

My name is Ralph.

I have been seaching for (good) photographs of certain ships that were used in WW1 which are of interest to me.

Finally I have found something, or someone, who may help-You. My father embarked Sydney November 1916 onboard the 'Afric' .  At Bullecourt, France he was wounded in action and transported with 'gun shot wounds' to Sherbourne Hospital, I beleive, onboard the Hospial Ship 'St David' cMay 1917.

Father was returned to Australia onboard the HMAT 'Pakeha' and discharged December 1917. 

I would dearly love a picture of the 'St David', if it is at all possible, or maybe you could advise me on how to come by this image for my Family History I am "putting together". I have So,So type photo's of the two others but not a hint of HS St. David.

I'm afraid I am a novice when it comes to searching the dreaded Internet, hence my appeal to you.

Ralph Tydeman.


Here we are:

Hospial Ship St David c1917



Thank you so much for the picture. I imagined something quiet different, smaller and rustic looking maybe. I wonder if you could do better than these two without too much trouble? I will understand if you don't.

Ralph T.


HMAT Africa

SS Pakeha.

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