Henry (Harry) Harper in Hospital Ship Leinster

Hi Mac

I am interested in any information about the Hospital Ship Leinster, and I noticed that one of your correspondents, Stan Evans from Vancouver, said that his dad was a crew member on this ship. My dad, Henry (Harry) Harper also served on this ship and was on it at Anzio when she was bombed. He would never discuss his war-time experiences with us, and I know he must've had a pretty bad time of it as he was reported missing, believed killed in action, but was later found and shortly after the incident was discharged from the service on medical grounds. Both my parents are now dead and I am now trying to compile my family history.

Unfortunately, I have found very little information about the attack on the Leinster, apart from the 'Angels of Anzio' article, and would like to know if anyone has any further information about this particular bombing and British WWII hospital ships in general.

Kathy Whitfield


I am afraid there is a paucity of material relating to the hospital ship Leinster beyond what you have already found.

Here are a few URL's that may have a little in them to interest you.


Sinking of Hospital Ship Newfoundland.


Hospital ships on stamps display.


A little about Leinster.


Leinster gets a mention here.

I have written about the Australian HS Centaur, and will send that separately. (See "Australian Hospital ship Centaur Torpedoed by Japanese Submarine")

Sorry I am of little help to you.

Best wishes,


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