Henry Cansdale (Empire Gold) was my Uncle


This Email is self evident, will you please contact John directly


February 12, 2010
Subject: Henry Cecil Cansdale

Hi Mac,

My name is John Haig and my mother was Hazel Rose Isabella Haig nee Cansdale. Henry Cansdale was my Uncle and I have a book he gave to me just after he married Kate (Kitty) his new wife when they spent their honeymoon with my parents and me. I was very impressed with your ahoy website and all the information youhave accumulated about him. I was also amazed that his grandson, Graeme Cansdale had written to your blog, as I had no idea that Uncle Harry had a family of children, as they would all have been my cousins, but alas, I never met them.

I know you cannot reveal the addresses of the contributors to your blog, but I would be very grateful if you would pass my details to Graeme with a request to contact me as I have also been looking at my family tree - I am the John C H Haig mentioned in the Cansdale family tre on the Ancestry.com drury etc. website. My email address is and I am at present staying with my son Martin and his family in Killcare, NSW but shall check my emails here regularly.

If I can supply any other information on the families Haig and Cansdale, I should be delighted to do so.

Thanks, in anticipaton,
John Haig


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