Harriet Barrington killed on the Athenia

November 05, 2009

I see on your website mention is made by a Miss Perkins that a document or certificate can be acquired if you have a relative listed as killed on the Athenia.

My grandmother, Harriet Barrington was among those killed.

My uncle ( Roy Barrington, aged 8 yrs) was rescued.

Could you please provide me with some infomation on this

Thank you Grahame Parker
Glendale Arizona


Here is the cerificate for Harriet from the Commonwealth ar Graves Commission Site.


Casualty Details
      Initials: H
      Nationality: United Kingdom
      Rank: Civilian
      Regiment/Service: Civilian War Dead
      Age: 52
      Date of Death: between 03/09/1939 and 04/09/1939
      Additional information: Wife of Joseph Barrington, of 54 Knox Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
      Casualty Type: Civilian War Dead
      Reporting Authority: S.S. "ATHENIA"

 In Memory of Civilian HARRIET BARRINGTON

            Civilian War Dead
            who died age 52
            between 03 September 1939 and 04 September 1939
            Wife of Joseph Barrington, of 54 Knox Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
            Remembered with honour
            S.S. "ATHENIA"

            Commemorated in perpetuity by
            the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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