Harold William Chipperton, Royal Artillery, was on the HMAT Warilda when it was torpedoed and sunk on Aug 3 1918

March 17, 2010HMAT Warilda

I found your website while doing a Google search for the hospital transport ship Warilda.

My grandfather (Harold William Chipperton, Royal Artillery) was on the Warilda when it was torpedoed and sunk on Aug 3 1918. I have his diary, where he noted from his hospital bed in Netley, England Aug 6:

'Lost on the Warilda 2 Officers, 1 WAAC, 112 men, yanks 1, crew 7, 123 lost, reported 240'

Not sure what the reported 240 means?

Also, while he was alive (he died in 1978) he had said that when he was torpedoed in the English Channel, he was picked up by another ship which was also torpedoed but made it safely to port in England. This was not noted in his diary though.  I am not sure of the name of the other ship.

I thought you might find this interesting and want to post it on the message board.

Best Sue Chipperton


HMAT Warlilda
Picture of Warilda:

Reports of the sinking indicate that of the 801 on board some 123 were lost.

Like you I cannot relate to the reported 240.

Warilda. Steamship, 7784 tons. Built 1912, 'with accommodation of three classes of passengers on a most lavish scale'. Adelaide Steamship Company Ltd. Requistioned by the Admiralty for World War 1; fitted up first as a troop ship, then as a hospital ship, on the Southampton-Havre run across the English Channel. Torpedoed by an enemy submarine whilst returning from France with 700 wounded, 3 August 1918. Sank within two hours. Of 801 on board, 123 lives lost. No less than 70,000 troops had been carried by the Warilda, Captain Sim being awarded an OBE for his services. '... the dastardly act on the part of the enemy cannot be forgotten'.

The destroyers HMS Badger and HMS Jackal picked up 570 survivors, I cannot find a reference to a rescue ship being torpedoed.


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