Hannah Baird. Voici un article publié dans le Québec Hebdo.

October 30, 2012 5:47 pm
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From: Bob Cantin
Date: 31/10/2012 3:19:12 AM
Subject: Re: Read: Re: Hannah Baird
Voici un article publié dans le Québec Hebdo. C'est un beau résumé et une belle vitrine.

La plume d’un policier

Bonne journée,

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your mail, I have translated the link content, all very interesting.

I know that Hannah Baird was the first Canadian killed in WW2 when Athenia was torpedoed on the first day September 3 1939.

Do you have anything to add about her please?

Best wishes,

Hi, Mac,

Probably you know all what I have in my notes. Here is her file in my handnotes :
Her name is written on the Commemorative Halifax Monument, Nova Scotia, at Panel 17.

Her ship, SS Athenia was torpedoed at 1939 on September 3, 1939 by U-30, and sank the day after at 1000. Hannah had taken  her place aboard a lifeboat, No 5a, when this small boat was destroyed by the propellers of a Norwegian rescue ship, MS Knute Nelson, commanded by Captain Carl J. Anderssen.

The small boat collapsed at night killing 52 women and 3 sailors. Only 8 passengers survived  the accident. 449 were rescued by US cargo ship, City of Flint, a Swedish yacht, Southern Cross and 3 British destroyers, HMS Electra, HMS Escort, and HMS Fame.

Her name is also writtien on a board at Veteran’s Park, Langford, British Columbia, shown to the public by 2 Merchant Servicemen Tom Osborne and Barbara Duncan on May 19, 2002  This is the very first monument dedicated to Canadian Merchant Service Women.

That’s all, my friend. Everything else is coming from you.

If I discover something else, I’ll let you know.




My thanks for your help.



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