April 19, 2012
Hannah Baird, (Floyd Williston's letter of Jan. 31 2011)


The above letter has just been brought to my attention. I am the ``dbthomson`` referred to in Floyd’s letter.

I have photographs, newspaper clippings and a copy of the page from the Book of Remembrance of the Merchant Navy as well as a copy of page 90 of that Book provided by the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons.if you could provide me with Mr Williston`s email address or, if you would prefer give him mine, I would be pleased to give him copies of what I have on my grandmother.

I thoroughly enjoy and am amazed how much information keeps cropping up after all these years.

Thank you
Bill Thomson

see "Was Hannah Baird was the first Canadian (and merchant mariner) killed as a result of enemy action in WWII?"



I do not have Floyd's mail address.

If you can please send me copies of what you have, we will add the detail to our Athenia Pages.


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