HMS SICKLE - sole survivor was RICHARD BLAKE

May 6, 2012

Out of curiosity I googled ‘Richard Blake, Sickle’ and came upon your website referring to him. I am his niece and though I never knew him well unfortunately, my mum, his younger sister always tells me of the day she was handed the dreaded telegram to say he was ‘Missing Presumed Dead’ and had to hand it to his mum and dad but eventually it was discovered that he was the sole survivor! and was a prisoner of war and was a very brave man.

I would love to have attended the ceremony in honour of them all but I didn’t know anything about it sadly. There was also a tribute to Uncle Richie on Radio Merseyside some time ago.

Thank you for giving me the chance to offer this little bit of ‘news’!

Pat Barlow

see "Richard Blake sole survivor of submarine Sickle, 1944"


Thank you for your News, we will add it to AHOY.

Best Regards,

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