HMS Research

September 03, 2009

Hi Mac.

Some years ago I came across an article in a pre WW2 book about the new HMS Research. I was intrigued to read that it was mostly non magnetic and it was proposed that it would sail the worlds oceans charting magnetic anomalies. I wondered whether its real function was to develop ways of searching for submarines. Anyway I found this article, which explains what happened to it but doesn't disprove or prove my theory. I wonder if you have any thoughts or information about it?

Best wishes
Conway Urquhart

Hello Conway,

I was not aware of the Research story, quite fascinating.

I am sure that this ship was never intended to go after enemy Submarines, she was not fitted with anti submarine detection equipment, was too slow to use depth charges, they might well have blown her stern off if fitted and used.

The development of Anti submarine ahead throwing weapons was some years off when WW2 broke out.

A great pity that this rather lovely ship was never used for the purpose for which she was designed and built.

Thank you or your input.


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