HMS Pathfinder, the first ship to be sunk in WW1 (by the U-21)

Dear Mac Gregory
I came across a references to the U-21 on your excellent website. The Queensferry History Group intend publishing a booklet about the history of HMS Pathfinder, the first ship to be sunk in WW1 (by the U-21) as part of a series about ships connected with the Firth of Forth. Our story starts with a postcard in our possession from a R H Newman on board HMS Pathfinder in 1914 and we would like to include the image of the U-21 which we could copy from your website. 
We are a non-profit making local history group and registered charity and do not anticipate a large circulation for our booklet.  The booklet will be on sale for ¬£1 to cover printing costs. We would of course acknowledge the source of this information and be happy to provide the address of your website in our booklet.

Kind regards
Frank Hay
Queensferry History Group



That is fine.

I would love a copy of your booklet when published.

Please let me know when it is available.

Some detail of U-21 here for your interest: http://uboat.net/boats/u21.htm

On 5 September, 1914 the small British cruiser HMS Pathfinder was torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea by U 21. This was the first warship to be sunk by a German U-boat during the First World War.


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