HMS Culver - Harold (Reginald) Holt

April 13, 2009
Subject: HMS Culver - Harold (Reginald) Holt

I am the grandson of Harold Holt and Rose Carauana, my Father's name is Frederick Holt.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my email address to "Markus" (related to W. C. Bowles) as we may be related somewhere along the line.

see "W. C. Bowles killed whilst serving on the HMS Voltaire 09th April 1941"

I do not know of Markus in the family line but we may be able to shed some light on his family tree.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Mark Holt


I hope I have the right Markus, if not please ignore.

This mail is self evident, could you please contact Mark?


April 15, 2009

Hi Mac

I don't know if you will remember me? I wrote to you some time ago about my Grandfather William Bowles who was killed on the HMS Voltaire in April 1941.

My name is Markus and recently I saw this article on your website http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/Letters/HarryHoltlostintorpedoatt.html from the family of Harry Holt who was my uncle and was married to my aunty Rose, he wa killed on HMS Culver in January 1942.

I don't suppose you know how I can contact this family, my dad has been trying to find them since the war, but sadly he died in March 2008, aged 90. If you could help I would be eternally grateful. As I would love to fulfil my dads wish od meeting with them, plus I feel as if I owe them a debt for what Harry did.

By the way Harry Holt is remembered at the Portsmouth Memorial, you have to look for him under H. Holt.

 HOLT, HARRY JOHN REGINALD  Petty Officer  P/J 111967  31/01/1942  32  Royal Navy  United Kingdom  Panel 62, Column 2.  PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL

I went to visit the memorial last year as my Grandfather is mentioned there too.

I've also attached a picture of HMS Culver when it was the United States Coast Guard ship Mendota, which My dad gave me.

I hope this helps

Many Thanks
Markus Caruana

April 15, 2009


Yes indeed, and thank you for your contact, good to have you find me.

I have been looking for you so that I could pass on your E-mail address to the Holt family which I will now do.

The only Markus in my current book is in Germany and I tried him obviously to no avail.


April 16, 2009

Dear Mac

Thank you so very much for your email.

I always use your website as it is so informative. I know that you might think this a little strange, but ever since I was a child I always wished that I had been able to do my bit during those dark days of WW2. I know it was a very harrowing time for all sides, but I can't help thinking that I missed out on something. I always told my dad that I was born 30 years too late.

Just to add a little substance to the Holt family story on HMS Culver, I have attached a picture of the Fregattenkapitän Heinrich Schuch who commanded Uboat 105 and sank HMS Culver on 31st January 1942.

With many thanks
Markus Caruana

Thanks for the kind words about AHOY, any credit needs to be shared with Terry Kearns, my web master from Atlanta Georgia,
he does the donkey work, and without his expertise our site would not exist or prosper.
Glad to have been able to put the two families in touch. It is so frustrating when I have got rid of a critical E-mail address and I suddenly want it,
I will just hang on to all my mail contacts and let my address book burst at the seams.
I can understand about your wish to have been involved in WW2, although on many occasions it was scary, boring etc, I am sure I gained a great deal
from my involvement, taught me many lessons, still applied in my daily living.
Also thank you for the German U-Boat Captain photo.
Let me know please how your contact with the Holt family goes.
Best wishes,

April 16, 2009

mac cant thank you enough just recieved your email with marcus email address i have just emailed my mobile number and hope he will get in touch i will let you know again thank you very much.


Pleased to be of some use.



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