HMS Boadicia

(see "Dennis Abington Roberts one of the twelve survivors from destroyer Boadecia")


I am wondering if you have much knowledge on the Boadecia from the Royal British Navy that was sunk off Western Europe on 13/6/04 (actually 13/6/44). My grandfather sadly passed away on 26/10/2004. He was one of the twelve survivors from that destroyer. I would really like to find out as much as I can about his time during WW2.

Thank You,
Erin Harris


HMS Boadicea

HMS Boadicea


HMS Boadicea was a B Class Destroyer in the Royal Navy from 1930 until her sinking in 1944. ( you have your dates mixed up in your E-Mail to me ) The ship was built at Hebburn-on-Tyne by Hawthorn Leslie and Company.

Laid down on the 11th. ofJuly 1929.

Launched 23rd. of September 1930.

Commissioned 7th.  April 1931.Her length 98.5 meters. beam 9.8 meters, draught 2.6 meters.

Speed 35 knots. 1,360 tons displacement. Her complement about 138.

Her Pennant No. H-65.

In February 1940, with HMS Beagle sailed from Boulogne with the Prime Minister, War Cabinet and Chief of Staff for Dover.

In June of 1940 the ship was damaged by German aircraft off Saint- Valery.

She was part of the escort for Convoy EBC 8 to Normandy, and was sunk off Portland, England by a German Torpedo Bomber, on the 13th. of June in 1944, and as you indicate there were only 12 who survived this attack.

I am sorry I cannot find any other detail about Boadicea.

Kindest regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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