HMAS Platypus photo?

January 29, 2010

Hi there

One of my wife's ancestors served on HMS Platypus when she was on loan to the Royal Navy in WW1.

We were looking to buy a photo or print of the ship - as HMAS Platypus.

Can you direct me to anybody who may have either a photo or print for sale?

William Perchard


By chance, my Father joined the RAN in London in 1919, and came to Australia in the J class Submarine J2 being towed all the way by HMAS Platypus.

I wrote this Monograph and  Platypus is shown here with the 6 J class Submarines.

Submarine Depot Ship HMAS Platypus with the Flotilla of the 6 J Class Submarines
Submarine Depot Ship HMAS Platypus with the Flotilla of the 6 J Class Submarines

The monograph is on my AHOY website at URL:
"AE 1, AE 2, and J Class Submarines in The Royal Australian Navy"

HMAS Platypus (I) Statistics   

      HMAS Platypus (I)
      Type  Submarine Depot Ship 
      Laid down  14 October 1914 
      Launched  28 October 1916 by Mrs Fisher, wife of the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 
      Completed  March 1917 
      Builder  John Brown & Co Ltd, Clydebank, Scotland 
      Commissioned  25 March 1919 
      Displacement  3,476 tons 
      Length  325 feet99.06 m
      9,906 cm
      0.0991 km
      0.0616 mi
      3,900 in 
      Beam  44 feet13.411 m
      1,341.12 cm
      0.0134 km
      0.00833 mi
      528 in 
      Draught  15 feet 8 inches 
      Armament  a.. 1 x 4.7-inch gun
      Main Machinery  a.. 2 sets of triple expansion
reciprocating steam engines, twin screw
      Speed  15½ knots 


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