Great Grand Mother worked on the SS Athenia

August 7, 2012


I was wondering if You can help me, I am looking For any Information on the vessel SS Athenia after it was Sunk by the German Submarine just before the Second War off coast of Ireland.

The kind of information looking for are Crew & Passenger Lists and maybe News Paper Articles from that time of what happened about the Vessel.

I have a Family Member who's Great Grand Mother worked on the SS Athenia at the time of the Disaster, She was meant to be part of the Crew or so thing like that, Her Name was Jessie or Jean Low nee Mackay.

One story goes' in the Family that She survived and Rowed a boat ashore a couple of times and saved a lot
of peoples Lives and about a One Year later after the Disaster, She  Died of the Stress of the Disaster her self.

Hope to here back from you soon on this subject.

Thanks John Gordon.


Go to this URL: "Index to articles about Passenger Liner Athenia" to see all the correspondence I have received about the sinking of Athenia.



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