Glasgow Museum of Transport; exhibition of Athenia, contacting survivors

Dear Mac,

Very interested in your site - we have been collecting Athenia material for a display proposed for our new Riverside Museum of Transport, due to open in Glasgow in 2009. Glasgow Museums has a fine builder's/exhibition model of Athenia in our collections, along with some pre-1939 ephemera and a small collection relating to survivor's stories and the sinking of the vessel. We have not managed to get in touch with any survivors themselves, but have gathered interesting stories from sons, daughters and nieces about crew members and passengers.

We'd be interested in speaking to anyone else who would care to contribute - we're looking for first hand stories (letters and diaries) and photographs to copy, and, of course, return.  I don't know if you would want to pass information on or refer people to contact me directly on emily.malcolm@csglasgow.org 

In any case I'm happy to feed information back to this forum when it is developed.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Malcolm
Curator, Transport & Technology
Museum of Transport
1 Bunhouse Road
G3 8DP

telephone: 0141 287 2697
fax: 0141 287 2692


Dear Emily,

Thank you for your mail, I am about to leave from Melbourne for Sydney to go off to Europe next week, and will be home again mid June.

I will then contact some Athenia survivors still around in Canada to see if I may give you their E-Mail address, plus the lady in the US who gave AHOY a copy of the Judith Evelyn story see this URL: http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/AtheniaManuscriptPreview.html to see if she is happy for you to use it in your Museum.

Thank you for your offer to share your gathered information with AHOY, that is appreciated.

Good luck with your research and I will be back to you later in June.

Kindest regards. 

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