German U-Boat U9

You have a page on the German sub U-9 on your website that I found while looking for some info:

I've got a photo of U-9 that I scanned from a Collier's book published during WWI:

I believe it's out of copyright but am not 100% legally sure. I posted it for it's historical value.

BTW, I also have some other WWI pics up there, including one of the Australian battleship Sydney that sank the Emden off the Cocos Islands:

All photos can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattzcoz/

I just thought you might be interested.

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your email.

Although the caption lists HMAS Sydney as a Battleship, she was but a light cruiser. See below:

HMAS Sydney (1913-1928)
In 1909 the Admiralty proposed the creation of a Pacific fleet consisting of three fleet units to be operated by Imperial forces in the Pacific region. Each fleet unit would be built around a battle-cruiser, supported by several light cruisers. One of these fleet units would comprise the Royal Australian Navy. With Australian Government agreement to this concept, work was commenced on the ships. The light cruiser HMAS Sydney was built in the United Kingdom and commissioned in June 1913. On 4 October 1913 she entered Sydney Harbour with other ships of the fleet unit.

In its long history, the Commonwealth Naval Forces from 1901/1911 and the Royal Australian Navy from July 10, 1911 have never manned a battleship,the nearest we came to that was the Battlecruiser HMAS Australia 1 in WW1, sunk off Sydney heads through the Washington Naval Treaty which limited naval ship tonnage to 10,000 tons, which she exceded.

You have some lovely photographs on your site, congratulations, and I will use the U 9 photo. if that is OK with you, of course acknowledging your site.

Again, my thanks for taking the time and effort to contact me.

Best wishes,


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