Gerald Hutchinson, oldest living survivor of SS Athenia?

I had the pleasure today to meet Gerald Hutchinson, now 93 years old who is I beleive the only living survivor of this sinking. He has a great story to tell albeit rather slowly in view of his age. He recalls seeing a hatch blow with the force of the first torpedo resulting in 2 dead seaman lying dead on the deck. Should I video record his story and archive it with some historian?

Dr Michael Hancock MD,FRCS

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your message, I am aware of about 8 survivors of the Athenia tragedy still alive, only a week or so ago James A Goodson of Duxbert Massachuetts USA, now 87 wrote to me.

There is a 91 year old lady in New York, very much around, but I would judge that your Gerald would be the oldest survivor still with us.

Yes it would be wonderful if you could record on video his story, and we would love a copy as convenient to put up on AHOY.

At the Glasgow Transport Museum in 2009, the curator Emily Malcolm will open a new Athenia Gallery at the Museum. That I suggest would be a great place to send a copy of your video when available. Emily's email is: Emily.Malcolm@csglasgow.org 

I know she love to hear from you.

With best wishes for the festive season in Canada.


Hello Terry

I had read Mac's log with much interest about 6 years ago. My father (Gerald M Hutchinson) was having a resurgence in his interest in his experiences aboard the Athenia in 1939.  I was also in contact with Emily Malcolm in Glasgow.

I am writing today to have his name removed from the list of survivors still alive. He passed away on April 14th, 2015, a peaceful death at 101 years.


Rob Hutchinson (son)

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