George Tidbury survived the sinking of Voltaire, prisoner in Germany till the end of the war


My dad George Tidbury was on the Voltaire. He survived the sinking. He was a prisoner in Germany till the end of the war. In 1953 he left the UK for Southern Rhodesia. Sadly he passed away in 1995. I am his only son. I live outside London. My only form of contact with the outside world is a 3G phone. I am disabled. Perhaps if anyone out there whose relative remembers him I would be grateful.

Thank you.

Hello there,

Thanks for your mail. we will put it up on our Voltaire Pages on AHOY, and hope someone might have some comment for you.

Anything that comes our way will naturally be passed on.

Here is your late Father listed on the Voltaire Roll of Honour.

154.    Tidbury, G         Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR

Best regards,
Mackenzie Gregory.

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