George Hollaway/Tanner server in Empire Mersey and in Empire Whale

December 14, 2008

Dear Sir

I am doing some research for my cousin about her farther George Hollaway/Tanner we have his discharge book which says he was on the Empire Mersey and the Empire Whales when they were sunk iam looking for any infomation on both ships and what happend on both occasions also in the discharge book it says during June 1944 and September 1944 he was on special operations which  I think was D Day could you help me find out any more info on that one please any help would be gratefull thankyou

your sincerley

Mr Nigel Lansley (MN retried)

Here is a report about Empire Mersey and Empire Whale.

Empire Mersey from uboat.net

Empire Whale from uboat.net


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