George Ebenezer Knight, HS "Anglia" sunk by mine 17/11/1915 & the "Geoff Search Engine"

January 13, 2011

Back in 2005/'06 you carried a letter from Patricia Gilmour nee Knight enquiring about her grandfather who died on the Anglia (registered Dublin). see "George Ebenezer KNIGHT was aboard the H.S."ANGLIA" when it was sunk"

You might like to make people aware that there is an excellent website that allows more detailed searching of the CWGC database, "Geoffs Search Engine"

Using that, by entering the date and the word Anglia, I came up with 25 crew, only 1 using HS Anglia.

From that, I then found another 107 Names of UK troops who are remembered on the Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton.

"Anglia" was the only ship lost that day, so these casualties lost at sea must be from her. 

There were a further 23 Canadian troops who lost their lives, including Knight.

I know it is long ago, but it might help others researching to find what might have happened to their loved ones.

PS: Thanks for the crew list, and the one buried in Anglesey.

I was responding to a question on the Great War Forum and Googled the Ships Name which led me to your site. As there is additional information as to how to access the Names of those who died aboard her, I thought it worth a contact.

It may be that further bodies were washed ashore and are in "Unknown" graves....



How kind of you taking your time to mail me about the Geoff Search Engine, good to know.

I will certainly follow up there.

Best wishes,


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