George Bennetts was one of the casualties HMS E47

January 17, 2013

Dear Mac

I read about the recovery of the HMS E47 with great interest. (see "Identifying the wreck of HMS E-47")  My great uncle George Bennetts (the name is incorrectly spelt on another website) was one of the casualties. If you require a picture or any other information I will be glad to supply it. 

Can one view the wreck?

Fiona Polak

George Bennetts, a crew member of
 Submarine E-47.
George Bennetts, right. a crew member of Submarine E-47. Left, brother John.

George Bennetts


Thank you for your mail, yes I would like a photo of your great Uncle so we might add it to our information on E 47 on AHOY.

Here is the crew list for that submarine:

Discharged Dead on 20 August 1917

Lt. EC Carre
Lt. CF Creswell
Lt. KE Elder RNR
PO. H Bell
PO. F Johnson
PO. GW Roper
LS. A Moss DSM
AB. H Bentley
AB. WA Bridge
AB. WV Buckingham
AB. D Roberts
AB. F Vallance
AB. SR Warden
AB. FC Webster
Sig. C H Nash
L Tel. TMH Smith
Ord Tel. CJ Jeffery
CERA. AS Coward
ERA. GW Bennetts
ERA. JC Tomlinson
ERA. IH Wilkinson
SPO. MRD Burnard
L Sto. W T Kelsey
Sto. CJ K Cuff
Sto. M Dwyer
Sto. F Fellows
Sto. JW Harper
Sto. CR Howill
Sto. TW Istead
Sto. EA Lindsey
Sto. FJ Pitman
Sto. JH Rae
C/Os:Lt. Edward C Carre (Oct 1916 - Aug 1917);

The only way I believe to view this wreck would be to travel to its site in Holland and be a qualified diver.

Best wishes,

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