George Albert Knowlton lost in SS Ario

November 20, 2009

Dear Sir.....I was attempting to write a heartfelt thank you, but sometimes words cannot convey what's in one's heart. Suffice it to say I read an article on your website about my father and the circumstances
surrounding the sinking of his ship, the SS Ario
. Over the years every Memorial Day my grandmother and I would place flowers on the water in remembrance.

I now live in Virginia many many miles from the ocean and can't make the journey, however, there is a nearby cemetery where Union soldiers were buried during the Civil War. Men from New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I take flowers not only with thoughts of my father but for all those who loved these men and never knew where they lay at rest. I know that feeling for more than sixty years.
After reading your article I feel quite sure it possible to visit the Carolina beach area of the sinking. I thank you so very much for that and that others will know he lived. He was George Albert Knowlton, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, November 10th, 1910. Thank you for giving me much joy in the knowledge he is not that far away.

Win Gericke

Dear Win,

Thank you for your lovely comments, it is a response like yours that make my Web Master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia and myself very happy to do what we try to achieve on AHOY, and that is to find someone's dear relative, record it and the circumstances involved, for all out there in the wider world to know of the sacrifice so many made that we might with our children live in peace.

Best wishes from Terry and Mac.

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