Gary Williams, admirer of Count Von Luckner


I just found your site. I have been an admirer of Count Von Luckner for about 25 years.  I first was "introduced" to the Count and the story of the Seeadler in Papeete, Tahiti in 1979. As you are most likely aware, the 5" guns from the Seeadler are displayed in Bougainville Park in Papeete.

I agee with E-mail writer that the story of "our Count" would make a great movie. I own  the Lowell Thomas book, COUNT VON  LUCKNER THE SEA DEVIL, I also have a copy of Von Luckners "OUT OF AN OLD SEA CHEST" and Von Luckner's Biography, THE SEA DEVIL. I am always thrilled to find new information on this fascinating man.

To encourage the opportunity to  "spread the word" of this great man and his story, I have displayed an  8"x10" photocopied and framed photograph of the Count in my office. Over the years many courious visitors to my office have inquired, who is that in the picture? What a thrill to share the story! I would very much like to "upgrade" this old photocopy of The Count with a real photograph reproduction. Can you or any of our fellow devotees help with this?

I will close by saying, BY JOE, YOU HAVE ONE GREAY WEB SITE!

Gary Williams


Thank you for your message, I am amazed at the amount of mail, I get from around the world about my work on the Count. He was indeed an amazing Naval officer, the likes of which may never be seen again.

My Ahoy site is a joint work, I do all the writing, which my friend Terry in Atlanta Georgia, converts into the site that greets anyone who may take a look. We are delighted when someone  takes the trouble to comment on it all, or some part that takes their interest. We like to think we make up a good team.

I will send by separate mail a photo of von Luckner and its inscription which came to me from the US west coast, this gentleman picked it up at a flea market, and asked if I could  authenicate the signature, I had an earlier photo of the Count and his wife which was signed, and these signatures are identical. I will E-Mail a copy of that one also.

Again my thanks for your message.

With best regards from both America and Australia.

Mackenzie Gregory.

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