Friend served aboard AO-11 the USS Sapelo, a fleet oiler.  He was in Convoy ONS5

I just discovered your web log while searching for information about Convoy ONS5.
I recently learned that my neighbor and very good friend, Robert Carleton, served aboard AO-11 the USS Sapelo, a fleet oiler.  He was in Convoy ONS5 during it's 6 day encounter with the 3 North Atlantic wolf-packs.
Bob told me how they would spot periscopes surface just beside their ship during the convoy.  They were too close to bring their defensive arms to bear, and all they could do was present "offensive salutes."  Then he described watching torpedos pass ahead of and behind them, missing the Sapelo but sinking the ships beside them.
Speaking to Bob, I noted that there are 4 magor events from his service that are very important to him:

  • Wielding the ship's whistle during rough seas near Iceland.
  • Refueling a tin can that was sunk just 2 hours later.
  • Convoy ONS5.
  • Refueling the fleet at Normandy.

I'm certain he would love to hear from others who met him during the war, were there during any of these events, and from fellow survivors of ONS5.  I saw one posting from Eddie Sims who's uncle, Rowland George Sims, was lost in that fight.  Please feel free to forward my email address to Mr. Sims and others looking to reunite ONS5 survisors.  I will gladly share their emails with Bob.
Kind regards,
Chad Fleck
Groveland, MA, USA

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