From a friend of Walter Schmietenknop, lone survivor from U-Boat U-767 in 1944

Hallo Mr. Mackenzie,

I know Mr. Walter Schmietenknop. Walter is a fine Gentleman and lives in British Columbia, Canada. If you need further information I will have to ask Mr. Schmietenknop to grant permission.

Best Regards
Erwin Bublitz


My thanks for your message, I have been in touch with Walter's son in law in Vancouver, and have tried through him to have Walter answer a series of questions that I posed about his life, and his miraculous escape from U-Boat U-767, but have not had a reply to this list.

If you are happy to talk to Walter, could you please find out if he will respond to some questions about his early life, his time in the Navy, and in particular the events leading up to and including his becoming the lone survivor from his Submarine in 1944.

It is a such wonderful and unique story that deserves a wider audience, and I would dearly love to add Walter's personal comments to our Ahoy web site.

After you speak to Walter, if his response is favourable and you tell me so, I will then list my questions for him, my thanks again for your contact.

I await you reply as convenient with anticipation.

Mackenzie ( Mac for short ) Gregory.

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