Friend of Walter Schmietenknop, sole survivor or U-767

I know Walter Schmietenknop all my life since we are cousins and grew up together in Germany and we are visiting each other from time to time and I have just telephoned him about this site and he informed me that he had seen the site.

So If you could maybe help me find other U-Boot members who got lost during the War. I would be interested to find out about 2 of my School friends who perished and never been heard from.

Herman Kuper Also from Oldenburg

And Kar-Heinz Kappertz also Oldenburg. Any information to the friend of my would be appreciated.

Thanks You


Thank you for your message. Walter was lucky to survive the sinking of his U-Boat, as he was the only person to live from that attack.

I was in touch with him in Canada through his son - in- law at Vancouver.

I am not sure that I can trace your U-Boat friends, but I will try, and will write to you again.

Nice to here from you.

Mac. Gregory.

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