April 25, 2013

Hi Mackenzie,

My Grand Father Fredrick Thomas Pearson so my father says was a steward on the SS Athenia prior to it departure on it final voyage in September 1939.

He somehow was transferred to another ship just before the Athenia sailed.

My question is: Do you have access to crew steward lists from the SS Athenia which might show and prove my Grandfather was actually a steward on board the Athenia?



I cannot find anything about your Grandfather and Athenia.

Here is a list containing a number of Stewards:

List of those who served or sailed on the SS Athenia during The Second World War

Stewardess Hannah Baird (d.3rd Sep 1939)
C. O. Bowen passenger (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Asst.Steward James Carlin (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Chief Officer Barney Copeland
Asst.Steward Ian Donnelly (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Asst.Steward John Donnelly (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Donkeyman James Elder (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Watchman Charles Fordyce (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Greaser Hugh Gallagher (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Phillip Gunyon
Stewardess Alison Harrower (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Asst.Steward John Hogg (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Margaret Hogg passenger (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Stewardess Margaret Johnston (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Asst.Steward John Kent
Stewardess Jessie Lawler (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Alexander MacCuaig Read his Story.
Bellboy James Marshall (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Asst.Steward Michael J. McDermott (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Printer John McJarrow (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Purser Lewis Hynd McKenzie
Steward John McKeowen (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Ship's Carpenter James "Jimmy" Mitchell
Steward David Morrison (d.3rd Sep 1939)
SD David Morrison (d.3rd Sept 1939)
Cook John Joseph O'Keefe Cook (d.4th Sep 1939)
Barber David Provan (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Gnr. Thomas McKenna Ritchie
Mrs. Scott passenger
H. J. Scott passenger
Julia W. Scott passenger
Mary Scott (d.3rd Sep 1939)
Betty Jane Stewart passenger
Asst.Steward Samuel Thomson (d.3rd Sep 1939)
C.P.O. Harry Trowbridge
Barbara Rodman Wilson


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