Framed print inscribed with Graf Luckner's signature

Here is a picture of a framed print inscribed with Graf Luckner's signature with a personal note to the recipient.

The upper inscription reads,

"Full sails,
 Straight course
 and happy days
 to you dear Mr A M
 Estabrook  Yours
 Felix Graf Luckner
 Feb 19, 19 (illegible)" [I believe it is "1933."]

The lower left printing states, "Professor CHR. Rave" and the lower right printing states, "GRAF LUCKNER'S SEAADLER."

This print was given to me by Archibald M Estabrook who was a member of the state legislature in Massachusetts circa 1929-1933.

---Norman J Landry
Haverhill Massachusetts

von Luckner framed print with inscription


My thanks for you taking the time and trouble to E-Mail me with a copy of your print.

The Count was prolific in inscribing a copy of the now quite famous painting of his ship Seeadler by Professor Chr Rave, or sometimes it was a photo of himself.

The piece I wrote about him and is on our Web site has attracted more attention and comment than anything else I have done, his deeds during WW1 and then post war as he travelled the world have certainly caught the attention of many admirers. My Web Master and friend Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia is solely responsible for keeping Ahoy.

Mac's Web Log alive and ticking, he copes with all my research and subsequent scribbling. When Felix von Luckner was in Halle in Germany as the victorious American was rushing towards Berlin in May of 1945, he was instrumental in negotiating a peaceful occupation there, and saved Halle from a devastating bombardment. Matthias Maurer in Halle is proposing to erect a Monument to the Count for this work in saving the city. The now have a website: Felix Count von Luckner Society.

If you visit my Web Site on the Home Page click on Mail and Responses on the Left Hand side, the first message is about this proposal. Matthias' E-Mail address is : mj.maurer@mlw-law.com.

Should you be interested in this proposal, I am sure Matthias would be pleased to hear from you Norman, no money is involved to join this group seeking to honour the Count.

One final point, in Auckland New Zealand, Professor James Bade, has had his new book Von Luckner: A Reassessment Count Felix von Luckner in New Zealand and the South Pacific. 1917-1919 and 1938. just published in Germany.

I must say sorry for taking up all your time with my verbosity.

With best wishes and thanks from both Terry and myself.


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