Florence Kelly Roseman & her mother, Mary Kelly, survived Athenia

SS Athenia


I just found out about your web page & see all the information on the SS Athenia. My mother & grandmother were on the Athenia & both survived. My mother is 82 & has been giving talks to local groups for 10 years about her experience on the Athenia. My mom was 14 when the Athenia went down so remembers the whole experience.

Her name is Florence Kelly Roseman & her mother was Mary Kelly.  they were picked up by the HMS Escort & taken back to Scotland. They were eventually taken back to the U.S. by an American destroyer to New York City.  My mom remembers seeing the Times Square sign "Welcome Athenia Survivors"  scrolling around. I wish I could find a picture of that some where.

I can get you in contact with my mom as she has email. She has just been contacted by the German magazine GEO.  A writer is doing an article on the Athenia.

Mary Hitch

Hello Mary,

Thank you for that.

If you bring up this link: The Athenia Remembered: September 3, 1939-September 3, 2004,you will find the reports of your Mother being interviewed, she indicates that with her Mother they were taken to the US in a ship named  Orizaba.

I would love to talk with your Mother via E-Mail please.

It is quite wonderful how survivors from the tragic sinking of Athenia are still being uncovered.

I am indeed grateful for you getting in contact with me.

Best wishes,
Mac. Gregory

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