Father was an ASDIC operator on the Sickle when she was lost in June 1944

July 9, 2012

Saw your information on the Sickle. My father was an ASDIC operator on the Sickle when she was lost in June 1944. Interestingly I joined the Merchant Navy as a Radio Officer in 1963 working for Marconi and P&O Orient Lines
(RMA Orsova) for 4 years. I lived in Australia, Sydney, working at Sydney airport and then for AWA in Woomera Australia. I took Mum, who is still living in Horsham, Sussex (where my Father was also born) to the Epping
Forest special event they held for the Sickle in 2008.

I also sent the museum some pictures of my father and took some memorabilia with me to the event. I hadn’t realized that there was a survivor (Richard Blake  see "Richard Blake sole survivor of submarine Sickle, 1944") from the Sickle; and I believe that there was another person who was injured who was taken of the submarine prior to her last voyage.

I am still working as an Electronics Engineer in San Jose California, working as a Director of QualityAssurance/Regulatory of a company called Ekso Bionics in Berkeley California that makes an exo-skeleton that helps the paralyzed get out of their wheelchair and walk.

Kind regards,
John Tugwell


Thanks for your mail.

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