Father was One of the radio officer's aboard the St David

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Hi Mac
My Father is nearing completion of a book highlighting his wartime experiences. I note with interest that one of your previous e-mails discusses the St David, St Andrew and Leinster.
My Father was One of the radio officer's aboard the St David when it was missiled at Anzio. I would be very greatfull if you could forward the info sent to Stan.
Great website crammed with useful information, keep up the good work.
All the best
Malcolm Smart

I am not sure what you would like me to do. Is it to forward this note about your Father to Stan Evans?

Thanks for the kind remarks about AHOY.

My web Master Terry Kearns in Atlanta, Georgia does the hard work of running our site, I just look after the research and writing.

Best regards, 


Some detail about St David.


The ST. DAVID was a 2,702 gross ton ship, 327.2ft x 46.7ft, twin screw, speed 22 knots, capacity for 1,050 passengers. Built 1932 by Cammell Laird & Co., Birkenhead for Great Western's Fishguard - Rosslare service and in 1939 became Hospital Ship No.27. with 267 beds, 58 medical staff and 93 crew, based at Newhaven.

In May 1940 she was present at the evacuation from Dunkirk. She arrived in the Mediterranean in June 1943 and was based at Malta together with the ST. ANDREW. On 25th Jan.1944 she was sunk while 25 miles south of Anzio during the Italian landings with the loss of 55 lives.

ST. ANDREW picked up many of the survivors. In total she had carried over 6,000 patients and steamed some 25,000 miles as a Hospital Ship. [Merchant Fleets, vol.24 by Duncan Haws]


From Selwyn Williams, 6 August 2008


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