Father served on HMS Boadicea

My Father served on HMS Boadicea for about four and a half years and left the ship just before she was sunk , he died in 1982 but I have some photo`s and diaries of his. He joined a reunion club called the 3 B`s before his death .and I would be interested in information of the sinking off Portland if possible .

Your sincerely Mr R Pike


Thank you for your E-mail, I wouldbe interested in any extracts from your father's diary, and any photos that were about HMS Boadicea ( incidentially, the spelling of the ship's name is Boadicea and not Boadicia ) here are some details of the ship, and I will send three E-Mails of a scan of some pages from Ian Hawkins ( editor of ) the book Destroyer. Published by Conway Maritime Press. London. 2003. about her sinking on the 13th. of June 1944.

See "HMS Boadicea (H 65)" at uboat.net.


Best wishes.
Mac. Gregory.

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