Elwood & Alma MacPherson, survived the sinking of the Athenia

Hi Mac

My father & mother, Elwood & Alma MacPherson, survived the sinking of the Athenia. They were passengers returning to Canada from a year in which Dad was a Doctoral student at the University of Edinborough(sp).

He later wrote on the subject and I have copies of both his writings and a letter he wrote to his sister while awaiting in Galway for another chance to sail for Canada.  They eventually sailed on the Dutchess of York. Returning to live in Chatham, NB; he served as the Protestant Padre at the RCAF Commonwealth Air training base in Chatham for the rest of the war.


Graham MacPherson
Surrey BC Canada

Dear Graham,

Great to hear from you, I have been interstate, and just returned to Melbourne this afternoon, hence my tardy response.

I was pleased to learn that both your Father and Mother survived the Athenia sinking.

I would love to have copies of your Father's writings on that tragedy plus his letter to his sister, and subject of course to your approval, we would add those stories to our Athenia Pages, hopefully to share with all those interested in her history.

No doubt your Father came into contact with many Australians who trained as pilots in the Commonwealth Air Training scheme in Canada in WW2.

Thank you again for contacting me.

Best wishes to you in Canada, one of our favourite countries to visit.

Mac. Gregory.

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