Did Felix von Luckner sail on the Yacht by the name of Elva, which was possibly called Independence?

September 20, 2012

For those that may have an interest in Von Luckner, I have an 1934 Classic Yacht that was built in Sweden and then brought to Kiel,where I got it,

There is a photo of Von Luckner on it with the yacht's owner and some friends, Luckner has a pipe in his mouth and the owner's Wife on his knee.

I  was told that Von luckner sailed on it, as he was friends with the Swedish Family that owned the Yacht by the name of Elva, which was possibly called Independence at that time.

Let me know if this piece of information is of any interest to anyone?

Kind regards
John Hendrick.


I am most interested in your news.

Is it possible please to have a copy of the photo with the Count?

Best regards.


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